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Manifestation is the process of creating something from nothing by using your attention, energy and feeling. One of the best ways to manifest what you want is by visualization. Visualization involves deep breathing and picturing what you want. For example, if you wanted to attract a new lover, you would picture the feeling of being obsessed with them. Most people will experience positive, enthusiastic feelings when they visualize the feeling of being obsessed with someone. You can also visualize a specific person, their voice and thoughts to make it more specific.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be used to manifest someone into your life who is obsessed with you. This person will suddenly come into your mind, run into you unexpectedly, and will keep appearing in your dreams. You will see their number everywhere and keep hearing their name. However, if you are using this technique, you must be extremely cautious.

First, you must be clear about what you want. Having vague intentions will only confuse yourself and the Universe. If you want to attract someone, you need to be clear on what you want. If you have any doubts or fears about someone, you will only be causing yourself to have doubts.


The first step in manifesting someone to be obsessed with you is to clearly define what you want from your relationship. Without clarity, you are sending mixed messages to the Universe. One of the best ways to gain clarity on what you really want is by journaling. Journaling can help you narrow down your desires to specific qualities and characteristics. This way, you can be more specific and focused on your intentions.

Another way to manifest someone to be obsessed with you is by being grateful. When you’re grateful, the universe responds in mysterious ways. The Universe works with time and there’s no need to rush things. Depending on your situation, it could take a while. For instance, if you haven’t spoken to someone for years, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to manifest the person right away. Furthermore, chaotic energy in your life can interfere with the process.

Positive statements

When it comes to manifesting love and relationships, positive statements and affirmations are crucial. You should practice them every day. Your thoughts are the most powerful weapons you have. It’s the law of attraction, and what you focus on is what you’ll attract. As a result, when you’re trying to attract someone into your life, you need to focus on the good qualities that you want in them.

Once you’re clear on the qualities you want in someone, you can start to manifest them. The first step is to have a positive feeling towards them. Try to imagine the person in your mind and visualize them with those characteristics. This will make you more focused and intentioned when you start your manifesting process.

Letting go of control

Manifesting someone obsessed with you is a process in which you focus your energy and consciously attract what you want. Negative energy attracts negative results, while positive energy attracts positive experiences. Love is the highest vibrational energy, and it attracts love.

The first step is to identify the person you want and write down the details of your goal. You can use a manifestation journal to help you with this. Make sure you know what you want, how you want to meet that person, and why you want to attract that person to you.

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Manifestation involves turning an idea into a reality. You can use the power of your thoughts and desires to manifest the person of your dreams. One way to manifest your crush is through scripting. Scripting involves writing down the exact storyline you want to happen.

Setting a goal

One of the best ways to manifest someone you love is to be clear about exactly what you want in a relationship. Then you can focus your thoughts and intentions on manifesting it. Using the power of visualization, you can envision your dream relationship and feel all of the feelings associated with it.

While it is impossible to control the universe, you can make it work for you by focusing your thoughts and energy on the person you want to attract. Manifesting requires patience and positive energy, so be sure to stay motivated. Eventually, the universe will deliver your desired outcome.